What some of dalli's customers have to say ...

Woman with Face Mask

I am so happy with the Dalli range which are all natural ingredients. I have a sensitive skin & the gentle cleansing products, serum & the anti ageing cream which incorporates SPF30, calm, moisturize, smooth & firm my skin & give it a healthy glow.

- Jenny Day

The Dalli skincare range is an affordable but efficient range of products to suit all skin types. I enjoy the nourishment the products provide to my combination skin and people remark how young and glowing my skin looks!

The serum is a little miracle worker for fine lines and extra moisturisation and although my skin is fairly sensitive, none of the products have caused any reaction. Definitely worth trying these Dalli skincare...

I haven't looked back!

- Shelley George

Woman Applying Eye Cream

Christa is a good example for her own product, her skin is flawless.
I have been using Dalli for about 3 years now because i had some sun spots appearing around my eyes. I have been applying the serum and  "Even Tone" moisturizer every day and the sun spots have gotten lighter (some people say they cant even see these lighter ones) and some sun spots have totally disappeared.

I will keep using the Even Tone moisturizer because it agrees with my skin and I really see the benefits.

- Ana Wilson


I have been using Dalli products for a number of years now, and wish I had started using them sooner. I had severe pigmentation marks on my face near my jawline and on my forehead due to pregnancy and sun exposure. These have virtually disappeared that I feel comfortable not wearing base and powder all the time. The products are natural, and so gentle with subtle, fresh aromas, and leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. A great way to start and end the day. My two teenage daughters are using them too now.

Including the Radiance Youth moisturiser, and love the results. Gone are the days of spending exorbitant amounts on imported products with too many additives. Give Dalli a try using the miniature starter pack, you will not be disappointed!

- Sharon Florença

Facial Wash

I have been using Dalli Intense Moisturizing serum and Anti-aging face cream for more than 4 years now.


Never before has my skin felt so nourished. I get compliments that my skin is looking so good as well as the comment of " you just don't get older" - which l really love.


I swear by these two products and never want to be without them.

- Andrea Watzlawick

I have been using Dalli products for over 5 years and for me the ones I most rely on every day are:
Dalli Gentle Gel Face Wash which I use once or twice a day before applying Dalli Intense Moisturising Facial Serum followed by Dalli Anti-aging Face Cream.

To remove makeup I use Dalli Milky Cleansing Lotion which removes base and eye makeup completely.

I also use Dalli Pumice Natural Face Exfoliator once a week to remove any dead skin or residual dirt.
These products are affordable and I have gradually replaced the more expensive cosmetic products I used to purchase. 
Aside from the economy of purchasing Dalli products, the ingredients are all natural so I have the added reassurance of knowing they will benefit the condition of my skin. Their preparation is also free of any form of animal testing so i know there is no experimentation on animals which could incur their suffering.
All in all, Dalli products answer all my cosmetic requirements at a price I can afford, in a natural and cruelty-free way.

- Di van Zyl

I have used Dalli anti-ageing face cream, serum, toner and cleansers for over 2 years. I love the way they make my skin feel, that they're completely natural, that no animals are used in the testing thereof, and the cost of each product. I quite often get told that I look younger than I am, so for me, I will use no other brand! P.S. I'm thrilled that even though my finances are tight (due to the covid-19 pandemic) and this very dry winter we're experiencing, I can still afford my essential beauty products that 'look after' my skin!

- Lynne van Zyl