I'm 35 years old, although people say I look in my late twenties. :)

I live in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, managing my interior design business; BRONTIDE.

For as long as I can remember, I have always looked after my skin. Ramping it up, obviously when I turned 30. I knew how important it was then to feed my skin with a proper facial regime.

Dalli skin care is a generational recipe and a beautiful brand that focuses on feeding the skin with all the natural ingredients to hydrate and protect the face from free radicals.


I was born and raised in Helderberg. Currently I work as a celebrity manager for local Cape Town Celebrities and influencers.

In my line of work, skincare is a big priority, especially when I have to attend events, my skin must be in top form. You always need to look your best and I believe if your skin looks healthy, you are already halfway there.


I am 24 years old and live on the East Rand of Johannesburg. I am an extrovert, outspoken and outgoing, I have a big heart and am a fun to be with person. For one year I studied Media, but then changed course and studied nursing. The biggest part of who I am, is helping others, therefore I decided to take this to a professional level.

My love for beauty started at a very young age. My Dad thought I was going to be Miss South Africa, but life took a huge turn and I lost him. He was my biggest fan and supported me in everything I did, he had big dreams for me. I did a bit of modelling and acting, which is what led me to study media. Looking good has always been important to me.

I am a social person, given my varied skills as well as the ability to work with people of all backgrounds, I know I will make a success of my future career.


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