How often should I go for a facial?

Getting a facial is way better for you than you thought, especially if you make it a monthly occurrence. Taking care of your skin is a major investment that pays off in dividends later on in life. Science has shown that getting a facial once a month can really do wonders for your skin. Don't believe it? Take a look at these reasons why this simple spa treatment should be part of your regular schedule.

It’s linked to lower stress levels.

Facials are linked to lower stress levels, and surprisingly, one of the benefits of getting a facial on a monthly basis is a lower chance of having stress-caused breakouts. Decreased stress also leads to better weight loss results, easier sleep times, and an overall happier outlook.

Facials offer deep cleansing that regular cleaning doesn’t.

Everyone knows that it's important to clean your skin—ideally, using the Dalli Skin Cleansers. Cleaning your skin helps slough off dead skin cells, and gives your skin the opportunity to get rid of toxins that may have been picked up throughout the day.

Clean skin is less likely to break out, less likely to wrinkle, and just plain nice to touch. Getting a facial once a month will give you a deeper cleanse than regular products, which means that your skin will feel (and look) better.

They also allow you to say goodbye to acne marks.

It's not surprising that facials help get rid of acne, but did you know they also can reduce acne scarring, too? It's true. Getting a facial once a month helps balance skin tone, which in turn, reduces the appearance of acne scarring.

Monthly facials shrink pores.

Large pores are one of the toughest issues to tackle with skincare, and what's worse is that it's hereditary. While large pores can't always be prevented, they can be treated and shrunk down.

The products that are used in a standard facial work to shrink pores, and since your skin gets cleaned during a facial, the products can work their way deeper into the skin. That's why getting a facial on a monthly basis can help shrink pores better than simply using regular toner can.

Studies showed that monthly facials can also help circulation.

When you get your first facial, you're probably going to notice that the facial kicks off with a gentle facial massage. That's not just to help you relax, you know.

Massage helps improve blood flow throughout your body, and when you're getting a facial, that means that you will get better circulation around your face.

Poor facial circulation leads to blotchy, overly red skin. Good circulation offers up a better skin tone that looks even more radiant with makeup on. Getting them monthly will give you an overall better blood flow throughout the day.

Exfoliation is the name of the game.

Getting a facial once a month has one huge, massive perk that everyone can enjoy: exfoliation. Facials are just plain wonderful at getting rid of dead skin.

Doing this has a multitude of perks. First, you get to reveal a youthful glow underneath. Getting rid of dead skin cells also prevents aging by letting anti-aging skincare products penetrate deeper, and makes skin soft to the touch.

Everyone ages, but that doesn't mean that you have to age rapidly. Facials are defined as a process of getting rid of dead skin cells, deep cleaning your skin, and prepping your face to receive as much skincare product as possible. To finish a facial, you apply products that help keep skin in great condition.

Monthly facials can even boost collagen production.

Collagen is the compound that keeps skin elastic, prevents wrinkles, and helps improve the youthfulness of your skin. When you age, your collagen production starts to drop.

The very same massages that help your skin glow also help boost collagen production temporarily. By getting a facial every month, you're keeping your collagen production higher than it would be if you just went collagen-free.

Once a month facials detoxify your skin.

If you read much about the state of the environment, then you already know that we live in a pretty polluted world. The toxins in our environment get in through our skin—and surprise, cause skin problems as a result.

Finally, the best reason to start getting a facial once a month is the fact that it just feels good.

This might be a beauty article, but let's not forget that looks aren't everything in life. Life is about experiences, and facials are an amazing experience to have.


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